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Customer Testimonials

What I love about having Cesar Jewelers make all of my jewelry is that no one on the planet will ever have exactly the same jewelry that I have, even if Cesar were to make another set, he hand decorates and does not use a laser, so every one is unique! ~ Diane S. February, 2016

stacked_wedding_set FD Pin on Cross

I have lived in the area of Joao Cesar Jewelers for a very long time and have called on Mr. Cesar for many jewelry repairs and watch batteries over the many years, all  of which I have been very satisfied.   Recently, I got the idea that I wanted a pendant to represent a 6 year struggle that I  have recently experienced.  I explained my idea to Mr. Cesar, that a large, Gold Bullet hanging from a Gold Chain would represent my struggle. as I believe “Sometimes in life, one has to bite the Bullet” and I surely had for the past 6 years.  Mr. Cesar made a wax cast and look at the beautiful Gold and Silver Bullet that hangs from my necklace now.  The necklace has been a conversation piece; as well as a reminder that anyone of us can have struggles in life; it is how one handles the struggle that matters.  ~ Marie K. September, 2015 Bullet_Pendant